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"The largest benefit is for our technicians, having the training locations means they are not having to travel to locations throughout the installation for in-house mandatory training.” Robins Air Force Base, Georgia Hill Air Force Base, Utah Tinker Air Force Base Air Force Materiel Command
#ICYMI: Herschel Walker visited Robins Air Force Base, Georgia last week to share his story of resiliency, courage and grit. #BeInspired
Have you seen the work that goes on in our Logistics Complexes? 👀
Round👏of👏applause👏 to our teammates at Hill Air Force Base, Utah for their big-time recognition!
"There's no shame in getting help. I did." -Herschel Walker Grateful that this icon for resilience is continuing to share his message to help end the stigma attached to mental illness.
AFSC Civic Leader Program attendees ended their conference learning more about the crucial role of air base wings on installations. Civic leaders, thank you for your support of the sustainment mission and thank you for visiting Headquarters at Tinker AFB, Okla.
Ten AFSC Civic Leader Program members from Hill, Robins, Tinker and Davis-Monthan AFBs are at Headquarters right now learning more about how the AFSC accomplishes its mission and the people who make it happen.
Air Force Materiel Command Commander Gen. Arnie Bunch outlines his initiative for the Air Force Materiel We Need. This will align the AFMC with the Air Force We Need initiative. He also spoke of how important the Air Force Sustainment Center and logistic complexes are to the future needs of not only AFMC, but the larger Air Force mission.
ICYMI: Here's a recap of Gen. Bunch's immersion of Tinker Air Force Base. Air Force Materiel Command
Did you know there's a new website available to make the hiring process easier? uses direct and expedited hiring authority to recruit and fill positions across the AFSC. Full details here⬇️⬇️
Air Force Materiel Command We Need intiative is in full force. To learn more about the study and how to participate visit the AFMC We Need website at
More photos from Air Force Materiel Command Commander Gen. Bunch's visit to Tinker Air Force Base last week.
The Air Force Sustainment Center was honored to have Commander of Air Force Materiel Command Gen. Arnold W. Bunch, Jr., visit Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., July 22 - 24. Along with AFMC Command Chief Master Segeant Stanley Cadell, the general toured several locations within the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex and 72nd Air Base Wing, and met many of the AFSC workforce.
Welcome to OO-ALC, Brig. Gen. von Hoffman!
A change that affects everyone in the AFSC. Find out everything you need to know about the suspension of Fit 4 Life here: Tinker Air Force Base Ogden Air Logistics Center Hill Air Force Base, Utah Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex Robins Air Force Base, Georgia @635th Supply Chain Operations Wing Scott Air Force Base Joint Base Langley-Eustis Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Air Force Materiel Command United States Air Force
How do you motivate your team? Air Force Materiel Command commander says a simple "thank you" does the trick.
Phase two of the "Air Force Materiel Command We Need" initiative will be geared toward collecting data from wing and center personnel, working toward shaping the command for the future.
Congratulations, Col. Moore!
Tomorrow we will join as a nation in a common celebration of our country’s independence. We have many observances and holidays throughout the year, but the Fourth of July is one that is particularly unifying for all Americans. It is our opportunity to celebrate not only that defining moment on July 4, 1776, when 56 men put their names to the Declaration of Independence and birthed a nation, but every American accomplishment that moment made possible. With sovereignty comes the freedom to pursue progress. And that we did. From the cotton gin to the automotive assembly line, American inventions have changed the world. Even the aerospace sector got off the ground in the United States – literally – when the Wright Brothers invented aircraft controls that made fixed-wing powered flight possible. With that epic achievement began a movement that we in the Air Force Sustainment Center continue today. It is important to remember that all of the business we do in a day – repairing aircraft, executing contracts, supplying parts and many other things - we do in defense of a nation who fought mightily for independence. Our job is to sustain it. This year, as you celebrate with friends and family, know that you are the fiber of American progress. By doing your part to generate combat power for our country, you are keeping your fellow Americans safe and I thank you for that. As you celebrate the 4th, please know your safety is important too. However you plan to celebrate please be safe and aware of the common dangers of our summer holiday. Always keep water safety in mind and if you plan to drink, do so responsibly. Fireworks are an Independence Day staple, but can be dangerous. Follow all of the local laws, be safe, and come back to us happy and healthy.
Air Force Materiel Command is launching a command-wide initiative that aims to capture and elevate grassroots recommendations on AFMC structure and processes that will posture us for mission success in the decades to come. We're callng this the ‘AFMC We Need.’ Feedback from throughout the command will be gathered via face-to-face interviews with thousands of personnel at 13 different AFMC locations. All AFMC personnel will have an opportunity to share feedback via an online survey and the website at

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