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AFSC Voluntary Protection Programs - Contact Info

Site Base Site POC Location Site POC Email SMS/VPP/CSSC Status NAICS  
72 ABW Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Gary Bristol SMS AF-SMS     
76 AMXG Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Devin Hailey   VPP VPP      
76 CMXG Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Tharold Lairson   VPP VPP STAR    
76 MXSG Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Jeff Skinner   VPP VPP STAR    
76 PMXG Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Anthony Jones   VPP VPP STAR    
76 SWEG/OC-ALC Staff Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Bonnie Crims-Staff VPP VPP STAR    
        Blaine Minks-SWEG          
75 ABW Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Christopher Lee SMS AF-SMS    
309 AMXG Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Edward Takacs   VPP/CSSC VPP 336411  
575 AMXG JBSA AFGE 1840 Texas Timothy Walters   CSSC CSSC 336411  
AMARG Davis Mothan AFGE 2924 Arizona Steven Whitworth    SMS AF-SMS 336411  
309 CMXG Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Trisha Estheimer   VPP/CSSC VPP 336411  
309 EMXG Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Steven Olkowski   VPP/CSSC VPP STAR 811310  
309 EMXG-Kadena Kadena N/A Japan Steven Olkowski   CSSC CSSC 811310  
309 MMXG Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Travis Kennedy   VPP/CSSC VPP 928110  
309 MMXG-FE Warren FE Warren AFGE 2354 Wyoming Travis Kennedy   CSSC CSSC 928110  
309 MMXG-Malstrom Malstrom AFGE 2609 Montana Travis Kennedy   CSSC CSSC 928110  
309 MMXG- Minot Minot AFGE 4046 North Dakota Travis Kennedy   CSSC CSSC 928110  
309 MMXG-Vandenburg Vandenburg AFGE 3048 California Travis Kennedy   VPP/CSSC VPP 928110  
309 MXSG Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Nicholas Hall   VPP/CSSC VPP 928110  
309 SWEG Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Kimberly Holgate   SMS AF-SMS 92  
309 SWEG- Peterson Peterson AFGE 1867 Colorado Kimberly Holgate   SMS AF-SMS 92  
OO-ALC Staff Hill AFGE 1592 Utah Connie Lewis   SMS AF-SMS 921110  
OO-ALC Staff Hill AFGE 1592 Utah William Hood        
78 ABW Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Brandon Mitchell VPP VPP    
AMXG Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Adam King   VPP VPP 336411  
CMXG Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Thomas McDaniel   VPP VPP 336413  
EMXG Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Amy Johnson   VPP VPP STAR 8112  
MXSG Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Sean Johnson    VPP VPP 811310  
SWEG Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Vincent Stone    VPP VPP 541  
WR-ALC Staff Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Walter Zellner VPP VPP    
635 SCOW Scott   Illinois Chad Marcus   SMS AF-SMS    
635 MMG Holloman   New Mexico Maseray Swarray   SMS AF-SMS    
448 SCMW Tinker   Oklahoma Heidi Blatt SMS AF-SMS    
638 SCMG Robins AFGE 987 Georgia Randell Petrie   SMS AF-SMS    
748 SCMG Hill Council 169 Utah Lisa Smith   SMS AF-SMS    
AFSC/SE OSM/VPP-PM Tinker AFGE 916 Oklahoma Karol Mitchell