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Information Resources

The Air Force Sustainment Center's Information Resource page is where you will find materials that you are able to view, save or print, such as brochures and visual aid materials, for meetings and group facilitation.

AFSC Mission Brief

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AFSC Fall 2022 Town Hall (Part 1)
Air Force Sustainment Center
Video by Lemitchel King
Dec. 1, 2022 | 16:24
The AFSC Command team recorded a town hall event when questions from the workforce were answered and/or concerns addressed. Ms. Wendy Walden was the moderator for the discussion between the AFSC Commander Lt. Gen. Stacey T. Hawkins, Executive Director Mr. Dennis L. D'Angelo, and Command Chief Master Sergeant Robert C. Schultz. AFSC personnel were asked to submit questions by email to the AFSC public affairs office and those questions were submitted to various SMEs for responses that the Command Team added leadership knowledge for complete and satisfactory answers. More