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AFSC & Tinker AFB Small Business Office

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Small Business Team

Mr. Ronald Hobbs
Director of AFSC Small Business Office

Ms. Stacy Cochran
Source Development Specialist – Tinker AFB

Ms. Crystal Reid
Small Business Professional – Tinker AFB

Ms. Jessica Vinyard
Copper Cap Intern (Rotating) – Tinker AFB

Ms. Lily Wilkerson
Small Business Professional - Tinker AFB

Mr. Lynn Garrett
Director, Hill Small Business Office – Hill AFB

Ms. Tracey Beringer
Source Development Specialist – Hill AFB

Ms. Elizabeth “Beth” Shackelford
Small Business Professional – Hill AFB

Mr. Tim Inman
Director, Robins Small Business Office – Robins AFB

Ms. LaVetta Williams
Small Business Professional – Robins AFB

Mr. Randy Miller
Source Development Specialist – Robins AFB

Mr. Randy “Shon” Stevenson
Small Business Professional – Hill AFB


source development

Air Force Source Approval Request (SAR)

A qualification process the AF utilizes to qualify sources of supply or repair


Request all SAR packages be submitted electronically through DOD SAFE DoD SAFE is a safe option for large files. If you have a PKI certificate you can send directly to the POCs below; if you do not then “request a drop-off” by sending an email message to:

Tinker AFB SARS: or


Robins AFB SARS:

Include your email and subject line: “Request a drop off”.  The “Request for drop off” will be sent and you will use it to submit the SAR package.



**NOTICE**  After 31 July 2020, SAR packages for Propulsion must use the format in MQR-PSD-1 Rev 2 (29 Oct 2019) and RQR-PSD-1 Rev 3 (28 Jan 2020). The format found in previous versions of the MQR-PSD-1 Rev 1 and RQR-PSD-1 Rev 2 will no longer be accepted after 31 July 2020.


**NOTICE**  848 SCMG has established a new Manufacture QR. SAR packages for 848 MFG items must use the format at 848 SCMG MQR 17 Aug 2020.  The RQR-848  dated 7 June 2017 is used for Supply Chain Repair SAR packages.


Good News Success Stories

upcoming events

Oct 23-25: ICBS Roadshow, Metro Technology Campus, Oklahoma City, OK

Oct 16-18: APEX T3 Navigator Summit (SBIR Phase 2 Awardees), Dayton, OH

Dec 18-21: DOD MX Symposium, San Diego, CA

Locations & Contact

AFSC HQ & Tinker AFB
3001 Staff Drive
Suite 1AG85A
Tinker AFB, OK
(405) 739-2601
DSN: 339-2601

Hill AFB
Small Business Office
Bldg. 1289
6038 Aspen Ave.
Hill AFB, Utah 84056
(801) 777-4143
DSN 777-4143

Robins AFB
Office of Small Business Programs
50 Richard Ray Boulevard, Building 205
Robins AFB, GA 31098
Phone: (478) 926-5873
Small Business Specialists:
(478) 926-5872
(478) 926-9526
Source Development Specialist:
(478) 926-5871

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