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Air Force Sustainment Center Safety

Safety Job Announcements

The 31st Annual Joint Safety and Environmental Professional Development Symposium (PDS)

April 17-21, 2023
Register for the 31st Annual Joint Safety and Environmental Professional Development Symposium today! Registration is open to  with a .mil, .gov, or .edu email address. The event is 100% online and is provided to attendees at no cost. 
Registration includes:
  • Access to virtual keynote sessions
  • Access to over 100+ virtual concurrent sessions
  • Continuing education credits
  • Access to recorded sessions
Click here to apply! 

Safety Articles


AFSC/SE establishes and sustains the AFSC Flight, Ground, and Weapons Mishap Prevention Programs by overseeing, standardizing and promoting AFSC-wide Safety programs/processes

Safety links

AFSC-SE  - Internal SharePoint

Contractor Safety

AFSC Voluntary Protection Programs

AFSC VPP Members - Facebook Group

Contract Safety - Internal Access

Safety Videos - Air Force Safety Center 

Safety Photos

Air Force E-Pubs -91-Series Safety Regs

Contact Us

Director of Safety
Ryan M. Smith, NH-04
Air Force Sustainment Center
Occupational Safety Chief
Karol Mitchell, GS-14
Air Force Sustainment Center
Flight and Weapons Safety Chief
Randey K. Hayes, GS-13
Air Force Sustainment Center
System Safety Chief
Jeremy D. Edgar, NH-03
Air Force Sustainment Center