AFSC Chief's Chat, Episode 3

  • Published
  • By Grady Epperly
  • Air Force Sustainment Center

Chief Master Sergeant Beth Ferrer, command chief Air Force Sustainment Center, interviews Amy Tippit, awards program manager Air Force Sustainment Center. Ferrer and Tippett discuss the importance of recognizing exceptional performance in the Air Force Sustainment Center and Tippit shares her experience managing special trophies and awards.


Ferrer  0:07  
Hello, everyone, this is your Command Chief Beth Ferrer. And welcome back to Chief's Chat. Today we have an amazing guest. So I'm very, very excited. She's one of our civilian Airmen who works so hard for this organization. So Ms. Amy Tippet. Ma'am, thank you so much for being a guest of our Chief's Chat this week. What I would like for our audience to know, our teammates, in AFSC is, who you are and what you do for our organization. 

Tippit  0:39  
Thank you for having me. It's a privilege for me to be here today. So I am the AFSC awards monitor, I manage all of the special trophy and awards that are come that come down from AFMC. Last year in 23, we did 108 awards. I added those awards, I collected 300 nominations, 200 of those went forward to AFMC and 43 of those became AFMC nominees to go forward. And then just recently, I've discovered that we have 11 people, groups or teamsthat have won at the Air Force level, in just for 2023. So it's super exciting to be a part of that. 

Ferrer  1:26  
Oh, wow. Absolutely. It's truly rewarding when we have an opportunity to recognize our exceptional performers. And it's not lost on us that the work that you do for this program is so critical in getting us to that point. So my question really would be, do you love what you do?

Tippit  1:44  
Why do I love what I do? I am just a little I'm a part, I'm a part of the bigger picture. And so one of the parts is that I work with my award monitors under me in getting those full packages in. That's one of the big things that sometimes we have to say, yes, you have to give us all nine documents for this award. And so sometimes that's a struggle for people, but to just be a part of that and say it's gonna be worth it in the end, and encouraging supervisors to write those packages up for folks, because I'm sure it can be discouraging when you write a good package, and it only goes so far. But continue to do it because look how far we can go.

Ferrer  2:28  
Yes, ma'am. Absolutely. And to a lot of our Airmen, right, sometimes. Some Airmen don't really look for the certificates, the hardware, or anything of that regard to a lot of our folks, just the mere fact that their leadership is taking the time to recognize them truly acknowledge the hard work they do every single day is a lot of times more than enough for feeling grateful. So I appreciate you so much. I know our team appreciates you. It is not lost on us to many, many great things. And I'm sure blood sweat and tears that you put into this program, but your guidance and mentorship to all the awards monitors across organization has been very crucial into our individual and team successes across the enterprise. So, Ms. Tippett, thank you so much for being one of our amazing civilian Airmen in the AFSC organization. And so that's all folks for chiefs chat this this week. Thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate you all and keep leading well.