AFSC Chief's Chat, Episode 4

  • Published
  • By Grady Epperly
  • Air Force Sustainment Center

Chief Master Sergeant Beth Ferrer, command chief Air Force Sustainment Center, interviews Angie Tymofichuk, executive director Air Force Sustainment Center. Ferrer and Tymofichuk discuss the importance the importance of a positive attitude and a sense of ownership in one's work.


Ferrer  0:11  
Hello everyone and welcome back to Chief's Chat. I am your Command Chief Beth Ferrer and with us today is a very special guest. It is our Air Force Sustainment Center, Executive Director, Miss Angie, Tymofichuk, or as we endearingly call her Ms.T. Ma'am, thank you so much for making time for us, I know you're so busy. But being able to be one of the guests of our Chief's Chat is very special for us. And I know that this isn't your first time in AFSC and so we're very happy to have you back here in our organization. So with your current role, I know that you've only been in your current role about five months. Is there anything or message that you would like to share with our personnel as we continue to prepare for a great power competition and warfighting?

Angie Tymofichuk  1:01  
Yes, ma'am. Thank you for the invite to come speak today. I'm very privileged, I'm humbled to be back here as your executive director. So yes, our mission within the Sustainment Center is to forge readiness and accelerate innovation. It depends on each and every person and their contribution to do our mission. I hope we all take that to heart that everyone matters, everyone matters in our business. But I like to stress more on the personal side as well. So your mission and your quality and how you execute your particular contribution it matters your attitude and how you're performing your mission. I'd like to I go back to the inspirational phrase, the phrase that attitude is a little thing that makes quite a big difference. Right? So if you're, we need that today. So as we prepare for competition and prepare for war fighting our nation needs that attitude and how we embrace our work and how we put our heart and our passion and everything we do. I've spoken about this before. The best example I could give of that passion and it resounds every time I drive on to Robins Air Force Base, defenders at Robins, what's the first thing they say to you? Welcome to Team Robins. Oh, that's, that's great. That sets the stage as you're walking into your mission. There's great attitude, they love their job. They know that what they do matters. And it's the attitude. So I'm very privileged every time I drive onto that installation. Last time I was there as at 9pm Welcome to Team Robins. And

Ferrer  2:52  
I'm very proud to hear that and you're right Robin strong is very loud and proud. Yes, ma'am. And thank you for that message does remind you of a saying that says attitude is altitude. It really takes you to greater heights a good one. Wow, man, thank you so much for making the time. Again. We're just really excited and proud to have you back in AFSC. Somebody of your caliber and experience we know that we're going to be continually prepared for the for the war fight in continued competition and so thank you for the time. And so with that team, that is our Chief's Chat session for today. I do want to say thank you for everything that you do day in and day out as you continue to prepare us for competition and warfighting. Keep leading well. Thank you.