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  • AFMC Commander's Log -- Potential Civilian Furloughs

    Team AFMC, As many of you have likely heard or read by now, Secretary of Defense Panetta notified Congress that civilian employee furloughs may occur if budget sequestration takes effect March 1, 2013. Civilian employee furloughs, if enacted, would begin late April, following a 30-day notice.I share the Secretary's concerns. Cuts levied by
  • Possibility for Civilian Furloughs

    We're starting to get more information regarding the impacts of sequestration, specifically some of the details regarding the possibility of civilian furloughs. DOD has officially notified Congress that furloughs will occur if sequestration goes into effect on March 1. We're still hoping for a resolution to the issues and elimination of
  • Panetta issues message to DOD workforce on sequestration

    With major, across-the-board defense spending cuts scheduled to take effect March 1, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta today issued a message to the Defense Department workforce.Here is the secretary's message:For more than a year and a half, the president, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I have repeatedly voiced our deep concerns over the half a
  • Panetta notifies Congress DOD preparing for furloughs

    Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has notified Congress that the Defense Department is prepared to implement furloughs for civilian personnel in response to the threat of sequestration.In a memo to all employees, Panetta vowed to continue working with Congress to avoid sequestration, which would add $470 billion to the $487 billion in defense
  • Commander's Commentary: Preparing for the future

    I know everyone is anxious to hear news about the possible sequestration and potential for civilian furloughs. I know this affects more than just the mission; it has a personal impact on each and every one of you. Unfortunately, we're still waiting to hear what's going to happen regarding sequestration.But, while we wait for our marching orders, I
  • Sequestration would impact AFMC mission

    Air Force Materiel Command will be forced to implement spending reductions that will have substantial impact on its mission if sequestration takes effect March 1. These reductions along with other Air Force-wide cuts will ultimately harm overall Air Force operations and readiness, Air Force officials have said.All aspects of the command's mission
  • LG director encourages LOA members to take ownership of their careers

    When Gilbert Montoya walked into the Oklahoma Room Jan. 15, the audience of 50 attendees eagerly awaited his words. Rightfully so, the highly-regarded Senior Executive Service member and Air Force Sustainment Center Logistics director is a subject-matter expert.Serving as guest speaker to the first brown-bag series Logistics Officer Association
  • Software app helps simplify testing

    Testing aircraft equipment can often present challenges, so one worker at Robins created an application to help simplify the process. Moses Zamora, an engineer in the 581st Software Maintenance Squadron, saw some of the issues that technicians face while testing equipment and decided to come up with a program which could help alleviate some of
  • Robins' VPP - Going for the Gold

     As sites continue to participate in Robins' Voluntary Protection Program Safe Site Challenge, several will be awarded with Gold recognition today for their efforts. They include the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (C-5) and 409th Supply Chain Management Squadron; AFLCMC/WNZ Propulsion Division and 404th Supply Chain Management Squadron;
  • Medical readiness remains priority at Robins

    Robins has achieved its highest ever individual medical readiness rate - 83.3 percent - which places it among the top of Air Force Materiel Command bases. The IMR status allows commanders, at any given time, to see how many of their personnel are medically healthy and fit to deploy. The rate fluctuates daily as people across the base deploy. "We're