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  • AFSC Goals Series No. 4: ABWs assigned AFSC fourth Strategic Plan goal

    Editor's note: This is the fifth story in a six-article series about the AFSC Strategic Plan, goals and correlating objectives.Reducing energy consumption is not only a top Air Force priority, but it is also an Air Force Sustainment Center Strategic Plan goal. In fact, AFSC senior leadership aims to "optimize infrastructure and reduce energy
  • JSTARS software workload to surge by 2016

    Robins will soon gain additional workload for software maintenance on the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or JSTARS, platform.The move is one area of growth potential for the base's Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division, whose program office has been working to implement a transition plan for its
  • Robins supports wildfire suppression capabilities

    While the Black Forest, Colo., fire was small when it started June 11, it eventually scorched more than 14,000 acres and took the work of more than 600 people to get it under control.The Air Force was among those listed to help.It's efforts included the use of the U.S. Forest Service-owned program known as MAFFS, or Modular Airborne Fire Fighting
  • Robins signs partnership agreements with community

    Robins Air Force Base officials inked four agreements Monday as part of a new community partnership program. The program, called the Air Force Community Partnership Initiative, was created to explore cost-saving opportunities through partnerships and shared services with local communities and the private sector.These agreements show Robins'
  • AFMC priorities, budget effects top executive director's goals

    Michael Gill begins his tenure as Air Force Materiel Command's new executive director June 28 with the long-term objective of providing the right mix of support and leadership to benefit the command and the Air Force."I am truly honored to have this opportunity," Gill said. "I look forward to the successes and challenges we will have taking the
  • B-52s to receive comm upgrade

    Installation of a communications system upgrade earmarked for the venerable U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bomber fleet is scheduled to start at Tinker AFB next month.The Combat Network Communications Technology system will enable aircrews to send and receive information via satellite links, which will enable them to change mission plans and
  • CA Message - Furlough details

    As we near the date that furloughs will actually take place, I wanted to share with you the latest information I have. Furloughs are set to begin the week of July 8th. The Air Force Sustainment Center and most tenants have selected to observe the furlough day on Fridays and so July 12th is scheduled to be our first furlough day. In order to support
  • AFSC Goals Series No. 3: Nothing less than the best

    Editor's note: This is the fourth story in a six-article series about the AFSC Strategic Plan, goals and correlating objectives.Air Force Sustainment Center leadership wants the unit to "be a reliable, agile and responsive organization focused on achieving art of the possible" and will accept nothing less than the best.Also known as the third goal
  • Sexual assault devastates military

    AFSC commander says zero tolerance is only standard"Sexual assaults devastate our military and survivors," said Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield, Air Force Sustainment Center commander. "Our success is predicated on unit cohesion and performing as a team. If any of our teammates feel threatened or worse, have been violated, it destroys the very fiber that
  • Robins moving 'FAST FORWARD,' flight line clinic is AF first

     A permanent medical facility - the first of its kind in the Air Force - is now open in Bldg. 49 on the flight line.It's called the medical FAST FORWARD facility which stands for First Aid Station, Treatment, and Forward Operating Rehabilitation of Workers Accentuating Restorative Dynamics. The 2,000-square-foot centralized location allows