440th Supply Chain Operations Squadron ‘planting the SEED’ toward support equipment readiness with new SharePoint resources

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  • Air Force Sustainment Center

In today’s rapidly changing world, support equipment remains a top priority enabling mission generation. Effective support equipment readiness requires seamless communication and training between the equipment accountability elements, custodians, and stakeholders enterprise-wide. In  alignment with Air Force Materiel Command’s Line of Effort 3 – “Revolutionize our Processes,” the 440th Supply Chain Operations Squadron launched the Support Equipment Enterprise Dashboard, or SEED.

SEED is a SharePoint site that is part of the 440th SCOS’ Digital Campaign to align efforts to leverage technology to help transform how support equipment is managed. Since the launch of SEED in Oct 2023, the site has already seen over 4,000 visits. The site hosts a wide-range of training materials, including training videos, training guides, policy, and MAJCOM equipment metrics to help enable decision support to equipment stakeholders and senior leaders. The CAC-enabled SEED SharePoint is located:  Support Equipment Enterprise Dashboard (SEED) - Home (

“Support equipment readiness often involves multiple stakeholders across the enterprise. The coordination and communication between these stakeholders can be challenging due to a lack of centralized resources,” said 2nd Lt. Mackenzie Brummett, 440th SCOS Digital Campaign lead. “Inadequate information sharing, varying levels of training, and difficulty in accessing essential documents can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and increased downtime.”

This one-stop-shop SharePoint site offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. This approach aims to centralize all support equipment-related information, training materials, and communication tools in one accessible platform.

“It is an awesome resource, a first-of-its-kind developed by our ‘big A’ Airmen, providing virtual training, resources and key metrics to support our $31B support equipment enterprise,” said Col. Jason Kalin, 735th Supply Chain Operations Group Commander. “Over the past year, the 440th SCOS has looked for ways to influence key stakeholders. SEED does just that by providing a platform that enables support equipment stakeholders the ability to proactively manage their assets.”

“2024 promises to bring much more to SEED,” said Carolyn Osborne, 440th SCOS Digital Campaign co-lead. “Feedback from the field is very positive, in fact so positive that many of our logistics and maintenance units have requested additional training videos and key metrics to help them manage equipment. The team is moving out to continue enhancing the capability and help our Air Force.”

In the age of digital transformation, the need for efficient support equipment readiness has never been more critical, according to 440 SCOS Airmen. The importance of support equipment is imperative to winning the future fight and SEED offers a solution to bridge the communication and training gap among stakeholders. By centralizing information, providing training resources, and facilitating seamless communication, the site promises to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve overall support equipment readiness.

“Our focus is on leveraging our Digital Campaign to get after support equipment readiness, enabling data sharing and perhaps more importantly, laying the foundation to close knowledge gaps on training, metrics and policy,” said Maj. Greg Swendsen, 440th SCOS commander. “It is all about cultivating a support equipment readiness focused culture across the Air Force.”