Sustainment Center leadership visit supply chain professionals, help deliver refueler to Guard unit

  • Published
  • By Lemitchel King
  • Air Force Sustainment Center

Lt. Gen. Stacey Hawkins, Air Force Sustainment Center commander, and AFSC Command Chief Master Sgt. Robert Schultz traveled to Scott Air Force Base, Illinois to meet with Airmen of the 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing and deliver to the 126th Air Refueling Wing a KC-135 that had completed programmed depot maintenance at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

The general and chief received mission updates from local squadrons, toured the 126th ARW, and had breakfast with Airmen, where they talked through concerns the Airmen had, including how to streamline information channels and how the idea of the multi-capable Airman fits into supply chain-related career fields.

“I think over the next 10 years, this country's going to be tested in a lot of ways from our adversaries. What we do commercially and within the DOD with respect to supply chain is going to be front and center,” Hawkins said. “The biggest transformation in how we fight wars will happen with respect to how we design the supply chains to be able to keep pace with changing operational concepts and the distances that we'll have to fight over.”

Schultz said, “Readiness of our Airmen is at the forefront of my mind. The next fight will be different, and our Air Force must have a shift in mindset to meet this challenge.

“It will require multi-capable airmen who can fly, load, refuel and defend. Fighting on the ground, while fighting to take to the air.  We've got to shed our tribal mentality and embrace the fact that we are all Airmen first.”

The leadership team also met with civilians to discuss topics such as career progression, levels of diversity and the culture within the SCOW.

“The 635 SCOW is the most functionally diverse organization within the Air Force Sustainment Center,” Hawkins said. “You are a Total Force organization operating at the tactical edge supporting our warfighters every day.

“This is a empowering dynamic standing in the midst of the mission excellence within the 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing. . I will commend you for cultivating this mission culture in the Art of the Possible spirit. This will propel you toward innovative solutions that will lead to mission success in support of the National Defense Strategy. Hawkins said.