Zero-Emission Vehicle demonstration held to meet Air Force guidance

  • Published
  • By Lemitchel King
  • Air Force Sustainment Center Public Affairs

The Air Force Sustainment Center’s Small Business Office coordinated an electrical vehicle technology demonstration on February 28 with a local-area zero emissions vehicle manufacturer and AFSC leaders and partners.

“The goal [of this demonstration] is to provide real-world feedback to the company on their product and to see the types of technology being developed,” said Ronald Hobbs, AFSC Director of Small Business.

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Installations, and Environment is leading the Department of the Air Force effort to develop strategy and guidance to electrify the Non-Tactical Vehicle fleet to transition the Air Force vehicle fleet to a Zero Emission Fleet.

An acquisition guidance memorandum for fiscal 2023 stated that as a response to the Executive Order for ‘tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad’ and ‘catalyzing clean energy industries and jobs through federal sustainability and the DAF climate action plan,’ a plan to accelerate the integration of ZEVs is being developed.

“This transition will require AFSC to provide input and feedback into the types of vehicles and requirements that will be necessary to meet our needs now and into the future. Considerations such as charging infrastructure and availability will have to be considered,” Hobbs said.

Representatives from the electric vehicle manufacturers gave a 20-minute brief on how they are prepared to meet the Air Force’s EV needs, including maintenance and sustainment, to vehicle control officers for the maintenance groups at Tinker Air Force Base and Mr. Jeffrey Sick, AFSC director of Logistics, before taking the group on a hands-on tour of two model vehicles they had on the premises.

“Another major goal for this is to spur innovation and thought surrounding these requirements and to encourage proactive engagement from an AFSC perspective,” Hobbs added.