VIDEO: AFSC executive officer talks about benefits of an active mentorship program

  • Published
  • By Lemitchel King
  • Air Force Sustainment Center

At the beginning of this year, we set out to highlight the benefits of career mentoring by sharing first-hand account video interviews of AFSC personnel at various levels of responsibility.

Most recently, we sat down with Lt. Col. Jon Arceta, the executive officer to the AFSC commander, to discuss his thoughts on how having an active mentorship program, with leadership support, not only benefits the individual, but all of AFSC as well.

Using a sports analogy to describe the responsibility of the mentee within a mentoring relationship, “it’s like playing tennis,” he said.

“If the mentor serves you the ball, you have to be able to volley it back or else the ball will go out of bounds and the game is over. There are points in my career that I didn’t volley, I was sitting on the bench.”

Take a look at the video and hear what else he had to say.