Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2022

  • Published
  • By AFSC Leadership Team
  • Air Force Sustainment Center

The contributions of our military spouses to this nation are immeasurable. Collectively, they are the cornerstones that align and support everything we accomplish in the Air Force. Individually, they are the foundations of the home that allow our Airmen to operate at the highest levels every day.

It is with deep gratitude we honor our military spouses today. They endure unique hardships in sharing life with their Airmen – missed celebrations with extended family, career interruptions every few years, and a constantly evolving friend base, just to name a few. But one thing is constant – their resilience and willingness to adjust to change.

Our military spouses commit to what our military members commit to. Whether it be a months-long deployment, late hours, or a remote duty location, military spouses consistently adapt to handle the responsibilities of all sectors of life, often including parenthood. They are patriotic servant leaders who deserve our appreciation every day.

Thank you, spouses, for the grace and strength with which you fulfill this most important role. We truly could not do it without your love and support.

TOM D. MILLER                                                               DENNIS L. D’ANGELO, SES               
Lieutenant General, USAF                                             Executive Director                             
ROBERT C. SCHULTZ                                                   DAVID S. MILLER, Colonel, USAF
Chief Master Sergeant, USAF                                      Vice Commander
Command Chief