Chaplain's Message for AFSC: Fun Friday Thought, treasures in unexpected places

  • Published
  • By Capt Joshua Wright, Chaplain
  • 72nd Air Base Wing

Here is this week’s Fun Friday Thought.

Psalm 119:162 “I am as happy over your promises as if I had found a great treasure.”

Have you ever had the chance to experience a cenote (sih-NOH-tee)? If you didn’t already know a cenote is formed with the ceiling of an underground cave collapses and then the resulting sinkhole fills with water either by rain or an underground stream. Cenotes are found all over the world but the Yucatan Peninsula has THOUSANDS of them. Historically the cenotes in this region were regarded as sacred wells and was a main source of water for the people. However today these cenotes are used for swimming, scuba diving, and exploration by archeologist. All sorts of treasures have been found like pottery, gold, and natural wonders like stalactites and stalagmites. It’s amazing what you can find if you go exploring!

It really isn’t all that different when you dive into God’s Word. When we open up the Word we have an opportunity to discover new treasure. Perhaps it learning something about God you didn’t already know. Maybe it is gaining wisdom to apply at work or home. Or you learn how to tackle a problem you have been facing. Or you are simply reminded of the promises of God and that alone refreshes your soul just like the cenote refreshes you on a hot day. Whatever you have planned this weekend, try to carve out some time to dive into the Word and let the Word get into you. You might be surprised as to what you discover.

Fun Fact: Archaeologies have found fossils of jaguars, camels, sloths, and mammoths within cenotes.

Have a great weekend!