AFMC Connect September focus: Resilience

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

Resilience is the AFMC Connect focus for September. Resilience is the strength to find positive solutions, or a ‘better way’ during times of distress.

Environments change, and resilience skills arm personnel with the tools to better understand and adjust to the highs and lows of life.

To assist the members of the team, a leader can motivate and inspire Airmen to take responsibility for personal resilience. They can also encourage the support of others.

To facilitate discussions on wellness during gatherings in person or virtually, leaders can pose questions such as:

1. How do you handle stress?

2. Do you feel barriers exist for seeking help?

3. What does resilience mean to you?

4.  Do you actively practice resilience?

5.  How is resilience practiced in your organization, and in your home?

6.  Are professional or organizational changes challenging?

Take action by watching Chief Master Sgt. Wright’s video on Resilience and discussing it as a group. Talking through the “ACE” model also provides effective ways to support those whose resilience might be lagging.

More information on resilience is available on the AFMC website.

In addition, information on leading discussions can be found in the AFMC Connect Implementation Guide.