AFMC Airmen augment alternative fitness beta test

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Airmen at four Air Force Materiel Command installations are helping to beta test the new alternative fitness components announced by the Air Force in July 2021.

Volunteer testers at Wright-Patterson, Hill, Edwards, and Tinker Air Force Bases will provide data that the Air Force will use to determine if the new components are effective and are assigned proper scoring. The data from the AFMC testers along with that collected by the other major commands will be used to finalize the fitness testing models moving forward.

“All Airmen are eligible to take a mock test on the alternative components, regardless of whether they are due for a fitness test at this time. The results will not count as an official test and therefore will not be punitive. It is preferable that Airmen who beta test have a recent physical fitness test on file so that alternative component data can be accurately analyzed, but this is not a requirement to volunteer,” said Capt. Allison Anderson-Dupuis, branch chief, AFMC Military Personnel and Programs. “Airmen who are due for their normal fitness test are still required to complete the current, standard test in time for their scheduled due date.”

The four alternative components that are most crucial in the data collection process are the 20-meter High Aerobic Multi-Shuttle Run, the hand-release push-up, the cross-leg reverse crunch, and the plank. The one-mile walk is being assessed as part of field testing as well.

Fitness Support Staff at the AFMC test bases have completed training on safe execution of the alternative components. Reports will be provided weekly to Headquarters Air Force personnel for the duration of the four-week long sprint.

“This is an Air Force-wide change, and we encourage Airmen to take the opportunity to help provide beta test data if they are at one of the testing installations,” said Anderson-Dupuis. “These new testing options give Airmen greater opportunity to leverage their strengths in different areas as they maintain readiness and embrace a fitness lifestyle.” 

Airmen at the beta test locations who are interested in helping in this effort should contact their physical fitness coordinator for details.