DP CSFO Launches “In the Know” Learning Series: Human Skills for Your Future

  • Published
  • By Lemitchel King
  • Air Force Sustainment Center Public Affairs

The Workforce Development team in the AFSC Manpower and Personnel Center Senior Functional Office (DP CSFO) launched a new, professional development program in July that is open to all AFSC personnel interested in Human Resources-related topics, but specifically targets HR personnel who perform more than 50 percent of HR-direct duties.

The “In the Know” learning series, considered to be “human skills for your future,” is a quarterly program with a primary purpose of growing the functional community’s existing HR expertise.

“The functional HR community has provided feedback that they wanted different types of professional training, rather than just technical, on-the-job training, and this is a response to that feedback,” said Venita White, Workforce Development lead.

“This is a grassroots, organic program to meet the needs they have expressed.”

Each quarter will feature a specific topic to enhance the participants’ professional and personal experience by providing a platform for exploration of professional development topics through a variety of methods.

Participants will use webinars, interactive workshops, informational learning materials, relevant readings, timely podcasts, panel discussions, community participation activities and more to help gain insight into HR practices, policies and procedures.

“These types of trainings are good tools to fill in any gaps of the regular HR training that’s normally available,” said Nicole Tubbs, Workforce Development specialist. “This is something new and out of the box, used to enhance the HR community’s knowledge base.”

All training materials will be accessible through the DP CSFO Sharepoint site. However, live webinars and interactive trainings will be broadcast using Teams and/or DCS.

The first of the series, “AcqDemo, DPMAP and YOU!” will explore these two pay systems via 101 webinars, at-a-glance fact sheets, and performance writing workshops. Future events will cover topics like a CSFO 101, Demystifying the Staffing and Classification Process, and Manpower 101 Refresher. In addition to these webinars, the DP CSFO will provide topical resource guides like Action Officer process guides, quick fact sheets, Calendar of training opportunities and Virtual resource roadshows.

Scheduled topics for the remaining quarters are:

October – December 2021: “HR Fundamentals Workshop”

January – March 2022: “Becoming Your Best YOU!”

April – June 2022: “Career Planning For Your Future”

July – September 2022: “DEI and YOU!”

Anyone interested in taking part in this learning series can find more information at: and clicking the HR In the Know Learning Series graphic.