AFMC Connect January focus: Trust

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

The AFMC Connect provides leaders with the resources to effectively communicate with their Airmen in an effort to increase unit cohesion, connectedness and individual resiliency. A greater connection between Airmen and civilians within an organization creates a trusting environment where members thrive. 

Trust, the backbone of a productive, culturally rich and supportive organization, is the AFMC Connect theme for January 2021. Trust is generated and strengthened daily in the workplace through actions and cultural change.

  Trust can be built through the use of trust actions:

• Empowering Airmen to take ownership of their actions.

• Being open and transparent on key decisions / changes.

• Refraining from treating anyone more favorably than another.

• Actively listening.

• Using different types of communication to connect to the group at large.

• Communicate authentically.

The objective of January’s AFMC Connect focus is to reinforce the importance of connection and how being a part of a trusting environment can encourage early help seeking behaviors. Such connections lessen the chance of occurrence for high risk behaviors.

Through AFMC Connect, monthly themes and corresponding tools are provided to assist supervisors as they guide military members on their fitness journey. 

Leaders have the flexibility to facilitate greater trust and cultural change during regular venues like all calls, staff meetings and commanders’ update gatherings, as well as virtual interactions during COVID.

To get information on the AFMC connect training tools, go to the AFMC Connect webpage at  In addition, more information on trust, January’s AFMC Connect theme, can be found at