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AFSC to transition to Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- More than 5,900 Air Force Sustainment Center non-bargaining unit civilian employees will transition to the Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) pay system in June 2016, according to AFSC officials. 

"This is a win-win for both employees and managers. It will support employee personal and professional growth, and for supervisors, it will give them more control and flexibility thereby enhancing management of the AFMC workforce," said Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, AFMC Commander. "AcqDemo is designed to improve agility and effectiveness by allowing greater flexibilities with personnel processes and functions."

Across the three AFSC bases, Hill, Robins and Tinker AFBs, more than 7,500 employees will transition, part of approximately 13,000 AFMC personnel affected.

AcqDemo will cover mainly non-bargaining, supervisory and professional series employees. The command will continue to explore expanding it to all AFMC civilians.

Under AcqDemo, employees will no longer carry their GS designation and numbered grade. Instead, they will be placed in broadbands, or "pay bands," comparable to their current grade and salary. Any pay increases or performance awards will be based on each employee's contribution toward achieving their organization's mission.

"AcqDemo is an opportunity to improve the civilian personnel system to better accomplish the AFMC mission," said Ted Singer, AFMC AcqDemo Team Lead. "AcqDemo will allow greater supervisory control over personnel processes and at the same time expand the opportunities available to employees through a more responsive and flexible personnel system. This project not only provides a system that retains, recognizes and rewards employees for their contribution but also supports their personal and professional growth."

The National Defense Authorization Act allowed the Department of Defense to conduct a personnel demonstration project with its civilian acquisition workforce and AcqDemo was implemented in 1999. Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., has been a participant since its inception. The command will be implementing AcqDemo within the small workforce of both bargaining and non-bargaining employees at Arnold AFB, Tenn., in an effort to demonstrate its effectiveness.  Additionally, there will be some bargaining unit employees at several Air Force Installation Contracting Agency locations.

To implement, all affected employees and their supervisors will first receive AcqDemo training beginning in January 2016; dates and locations will be announced.  

"Our goal is to ensure managers, supervisors, employees and the human resource professionals who service them have the information needed to successfully transition and thrive under AcqDemo," said Ms. Christina Lhamon, AFSC Director of Personnel. "Communication initiatives will include Commanders' Calls, briefings, town-hall meetings, and a variety of media releases including social media.  Within AFSC, our people are our most valuable resource."

For additional information on AcqDemo, go to:

Department of Defense Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project: http://acqdemo.hci.mil/

(AFMC PA contributed to this article)