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AFSC Goals Series No. 1: Focusing on nuclear mission

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- Air Force Sustainment Center personnel are on a mission to make the center more integrated, innovative and efficient for the future. But, it's not a simple task. To achieve the end result, personnel are working a strategic plan with five goals and 18 objectives.

The first goal is "Continue to strengthen sustainment processes and accountability for the nuclear enterprise." With it are two objectives: "100 percent positive inventory control of AFSC nuclear weapons-related material," and "Nuclear-related intercontinental ballistic missile maintenance tasks be completed on-time, on-cost with no quality or safety issues, 100 percent of the time by Oct. 1, 2015."

"The nuclear theme is clearly an area of significance across Air Force Materiel Command and Air Force Headquarters," said United Kingdom royal air force Wing Commander Jonathan Durke at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Assigned to the Logistics Directorate, he is working with the strategic planning team on the development, maturation and socialization of the AFSC Goals and Objectives. "This is very much about how supply chain and depot maintenance activities collectively support the nuclear environment."

Unlike most of the other goals, Commander Durke said only a portion of the AFSC personnel can work the nuclear enterprise plan. But, those folks understand the ins and outs of the nuclear program and its issues.

Commander Durke said as with the other goals, the nuclear piece involves the supply chain and depot maintenance elements, with specific objectives determined for each business area. The 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing leads the first objective and Maj. Gen. H. Brent Baker, Ogden Air Logistic Complex commander, oversees the second objective.

"On the supply chain side it was very straightforward. Let's make sure with any nuclear weapons-related material we know what assets the AFSC is responsible for, their condition, location and serial number in real time," the commander said. "Right now we have a number of potential discrepancies and the assigned team for this objective is working hard to resolve these."

Commander Durke said the maintenance piece was driven around Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and the installation's ability to support certain components. General Baker knew there were issues resulting in an unsatisfactory level of service, compromising the AFSC's vision to be effective and efficient. . To eliminate them, he proposed the need for strategic focus to be applied to certain maintenance issues. The plan specifically addresses time, cost, quality and safety and, while this is direct support to the AFSC commander's Leadership Model, it also presents new challenges, especially with regard to cost management.

"Are these objectives resilient in the longer term?" Commander Durke asked. "Maybe not; maybe they are best suited for a short-term plan. But, nevertheless they were seen as the big rocks for the nuclear part of the AFSC's business."

The nuclear piece with its objectives is challenging, but achievable the commander said.