DOD takes action to make moves easier for service members, families

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  • AEDC Public Affairs

In an effort to ease the strain that frequent moves can put on the budgets of service members and their families, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III directed an increase to the dislocation allowance and extension of the temporary lodging expense.

The dislocation allowance, a single payment intended to cover costs incurred when relocating a household for a permanent-change-of-station, or PCS, move, was increased effective Oct. 1 for service members in pay grades E1 to E6.

Other changes to the DLA payments include making them automatic for all service members. The payment also will be paid one month prior to the move so the recipient can avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

The temporary lodging expense, or TLE, payment to cover the cost of temporary lodging during a PCS move, has been extended from 10 days to 14 days for PCS moves within the continental U.S. and from five days to seven days for moves from the continental U.S. to locations outside the continental U.S.

TLE is intended to offset the costs of housing and meals while service members and their families are in temporary housing but may not cover all expenses incurred.

TLE extensions for up to 60 days also have been authorized for service members experiencing a housing shortage.

Both TLE changes became effective Oct. 1.

Services members making a PCS or other military move can access information to assist with the process at