Space Executive Course presented to AFSC leaders

  • Published
  • By Lemitchel King
  • Air Force Sustainment Center Public Affairs

Air Force Sustainment Center Command Team Members and Senior Leaders attended the Space Executive Course (SEC), presented by the National Security Space Institute, at the AFSC Headquarters, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., July 14, 2022. The SEC is a two-day course that provides senior members of the DOD, other U.S. government agencies, and allied nations with an overview of the U.S. Space Force at the executive level.

The course provides the fundamentals of space environment and orbital mechanics; in-depth overviews of space law, policy, and doctrine; capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities of the DOD; National, civil, and commercial space systems; and space integration into multi-domain terrestrial operations, while showing how this information can be integrated into current operations for logistics and sustainment support.

“The goal of our Space Executive Course, for senior leaders, was to learn about the Department of Defense’s newest service, how it operates, and to also learn about how they’re organized so that it may help us establish new organizational processes within AFSC,” said Dennis D’Angelo, executive director for the AFSC. “More so to learn how, if, and when AFSC would provide sustainment support to U.S. Space Force and how we would integrate (those processes).”

The instructors who teach the course aim to educate those outside of the Space community, who have a shared and common knowledge of what the Space domain is going to do for the joint-services community and coalition community on key provisions of U.S. space treaties, law, policy, and doctrine which shape our current organizations, structure, and missions.

“It’s been great to visit this community, this is a different community for us to visit because we typically get representation from combatant commands or directly from service headquarters -- a lot from outside of the Department of the Air Force,” said Traci Kueker-Murphy, Course Director for the Space Executive Course National Security Space Institute.

According to the NSSI website, after completing the course, graduates will also be familiar with threats to U.S. space systems and the means to mitigate those threats; characteristics of the space domain and the basic capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities of specific USSPACECOM and NRO space systems, and how they support combatant command operations, and Space integration in terrestrial operations.

“We recommend that other senior leaders from AFSC attend this training so they have a better understanding of the newest service and they have a stronger link with U.S. Space Force, and those new leaders,” D’Angelo said. “They will not be disappointed, whatsoever.”