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Robins TIP numbers continue to rise

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- The Transportation Incentive Program at Robins is continuing to flourish and a 248 percent growth in vanpool ridership since its inception in December 2010 is the proof.

The program helps Robins employees get to and from work in a safe, cost-effective manner. It also reduces traffic.

Customers can sign up daily by picking up an application at the TIP Program Office in Bldg. 914, Room 106, next to the old furniture store. The application must be filled out properly, signed by the customer's direct supervisor and returned to the program manager. It can take up to 60 days for the application process to be completed and a benefit card to arrive.

Customers need to contact the van owner or company they'll be using. When TIP customers receive their Transerve Benefit card, it will automatically be loaded with the maximum allowed amount of $245. That amount will be loaded on the tenth day of each month. Excess funds will be removed on the ninth of the month to prevent accruing a surplus of funds.

The Transerve Benefit card is used as a debit card and can only be used by approved merchants. If merchants are not recognized by the card issuer, the card will be declined and cancelled. This is to prevent misuse of Department of Transportation funds.

If at any point a customer switches van companies, an application must be resubmitted and include the old and new van company information.

Any card issues must be addressed directly between the cardholder and card issuer, Chase/ JP Morgan.

For more information, call Staff Sgt. Mike Moore, TIP Program manager, at 478-222-0129.