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AFSC signs Enterprise Partnership Agreement with SwRI

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- The Air Force Sustainment Center recently entered into an Enterprise Partnership Agreement with Southwestern Research Institute that will improve efficiency and provide readiness to support operations, by reducing time and costs associated with negotiations for work at all three air logistics complexes at Hill, Tinker and Robins Air Force Bases.

The private partner is enabled to negotiate specific implementation agreements with any of the three air logistics complexes allowing for faster workload execution within the partnership via the IAs, said Shannon Wagner, AFSC team lead for Public Private Partnering.

"With the nature of today's threats to national security and the challenges of sustaining military readiness during this period of budgetary decline, PPPs will continue to be a viable means for workload sustainment in the future," said Ms. Wagner. "The AFSC will continue to fine-tune and make improvements to the PPP process in a manner in which cost-savings and war-winning capabilities will not be diminished."

The Enterprise AFSC and SwRI EPA is expected to facilitate bringing workloads into the ALCs to include Turkish AF/FMS F110 Engine Performance and Trending Training, F110 Modernized Digital Engine Control Tester and Test Program Sets, B-52 Power Drive Unit Depot Repair, A-10 Improved Electronic Processor Units Fleet Support/Testing, and A-10 Support Equipment Roadmap/proof of concept and repairs.

According to Steve Alsup, AFSC director of Logistics, the implementation of this agreement will roll out as needed and as negotiated for individual workloads.

"With enterprise partnering we can assure we have the right balance of capabilities across the industrial complex while delivering cost effective readiness back to the warfighter," said Mr. Alsup. "Through Public-Private Partnering, we have a combined workforce vested in mission success that is the catalyst for 'Art of the Possible' results."

Southwest Research Institute Executive Vice President Walter Downing echoed those comments.

"This enterprise agreement is a good example of the strong relationship Southwest Research Institute has with the Air Force. The improved and streamlined process will enable us to be more effective in supporting the Air Force mission, and ultimately, assist the warfighter. It also opens up additional opportunities for us to support the military depots to accomplish new workloads," said Mr. Downing.