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AFSC Commander's message: A Season of Thanks

Lt. Gen. Levy

Lt. Gen. Levy

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- Fellow Airmen,

As the days draw shorter and the evenings colder, we enter the season of thanks and celebration.

These days of thanks have long been a part of our American military history.  On November 1, 1777, the Continental Congress declared the first National Thanksgiving Proclamation.  The military even declared days of thanks during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War as days to remember and be thankful for continued prosperity and freedoms despite the ongoing battles.

As we enter into this season of thanks, we recognize the incredible, rich diversity within our Air Force.  So, no matter what your celebration consists of, the one thing we ALL have in common is our freedom. The amazing blessings of liberty that those who have gone before us fought so hard to obtain and preserve. We live in a country where we have opportunities for personal and professional growth, and the freedom to truly be ourselves.  So now, let us be ever thankful for our unalienable rights and liberties. 

When I think of what I am thankful for, I think about YOU...the men and women of our nation's Air Force - our Airmen - those who wear a uniform and those who don't.  You are all Airmen, all vital links in the unbroken chain that maintains the defense of our nation.  I am honored to serve alongside you.   Your dedication and commitment to excellence keeps the Air Force Sustainment Center delivering combat power for America. 

My family  and I hope you enjoy this time and have the opportunity to refresh and connect with others in your life.  Please remember too, all of our Airmen and their families who might not be able to be together during this season.  For many, there is no holiday, simply another day to pick up their weapon, get in their jet, or stand watch.  They serve so we can enjoy the fellowship of those close to us.

During this season, also don't forget that some among us are struggling.  Help where you can and always try to be a good wingman as we should never underestimate the profound power of hope.

As always, I proudly am,

Your fellow Airman,


Lee K. Levy, II
Lieutenant General, USAF