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AFSC LG director sees success in future

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- When the Air Force Sustainment Center stood up in July, several new sub-organizations were created. Among them is the Logistics Directorate, overseen by Gilbert Montoya, former 448th Supply Chain Management Wing director. The unit has 325 personnel here and at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

The group's mission is to execute AFSC Commander Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield's vision: manage the center's overall planning, resource, process and performance execution to be a strategy-focused organization to achieve "art of the possible" results.

"We're attempting to create an end-to-end supply chain that links planning, sourcing, make/repair, and delivery efforts together," Mr. Montoya said. "We want to support our complex, supply chain, air base wing, and staff commanders and directors to help them become even more successful."

While there are similarities between the 448th SCMW and Logistics Directorate, Mr. Montoya said there are also significant differences. The supply chain management wing is only part of the supply chain, while logistics supports all facets.

To aid the five wings and three complexes, within the logistics group there are supply chain professionals from the former 591st Supply Chain Management Group at Wright-Patterson AFB; plans and program experts from the former directorate at Tinker. There are officials also from the Air Force Materiel Command Director of Logistics & Sustainment office at Wright-Patterson AFB that have joined the logistics directorate.

"I think we have all the right organizations with the right leadership and the right commitment up and down the chain and that's the one thing that tells me we will be successful," Mr. Montoya said. "I've got some of the best and most talented individuals from across the AFSC residing in the LG. I think I got very lucky and if anyone's going to help us meet our goals, it's them."

To ensure the logistics team is successful, Mr. Montoya said his plan is to work closely and partner with the center's three complex commanders, five wing commanders, and AFSC staff directors to fully integrate in order to reach General Litchfield's goals.

Additionally, Mr. Montoya said he wants his team to help focus the AFSC on being efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time being committed to speed, safety and quality.

Despite the challenges that may come from being a new unit with a new mission, Mr. Montoya said he doesn't see it that way.

"What people may see as a challenge, I've always seen as an opportunity," he said. "And, I think we're going to have many, many opportunities to become better, be faster and improve our safety, quality and become more effective, reliable, innovative and agile. We will be successful, I have no doubt and we will meet General Litchfield's goal of becoming a world-class organization; it's not just his goal, it's our goal."