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Wolfenbarger: Sexual assault will not be tolerated

WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Team AFMC, Sexual assault is a crime that violates our Air Force core values and erodes both morale and unit effectiveness. We remain unequivocal in our commitment
to prevent incidents of sexual assault, provide victim care where assault has occurred, and hold those who commit such acts accountable. Sexual assault has no place in our Air Force.

The purpose of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program is to promote respect and dignity throughout the Air Force by preventing and responding to sexual assault through a balance of focused education, compassionate advocacy, and accountability.

To support these goals, the Air Force employs fulltime Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and more than 3,000 trained volunteer Victim Advocates. Additionally, we have allocated specially trained Judge Advocates to serve as Special Victims' Counsels to represent victims throughout the investigation and prosecution processes.

Finally, our annual SAPR awareness training ensures all personnel are aware of available sexual assault reporting options. It also provides a forum for scenario-based discussions on the realities of this crime, and what you can do to help prevent them -- take advantage of this valuable training as an opportunity to ask the tough questions.

The Air Force is committed to holding offenders accountable through effective investigations, knowledgeable staff judge advocate advice, and strong commander and senior enlisted support. All reports of alleged sexual assaults will be reported (without personally identifiable information) up through the Wings in an operational report to CSAF.

I expect all Airmen to be good Wingmen; leading by example, taking care of themselves and those around them, and taking action when needed. It is every Airman's duty to detect, deter, and report misconduct immediately. To be a Wingman is to act with integrity; to do what is right and act on conviction, even when no one is looking. Every Airman needs to do his or her part to stem the tide and eliminate sexual assault from our Air Force.