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Future CE changes could impact all of Robins AFB

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. --  Due to a $4 million funding deficit, the 78th Civil Engineer Group is preparing for possible cuts to its operations during the next several months which will impact the entire installation.

"It's something everyone will have to deal with as we're trying to keep the budget within the spending limits we now have," said Terry Landreth, 78th CEG Energy Office supervisor.

Since summer temperatures can result in higher electric use, thermostat settings may be set back to warmer-than-normal settings in order to stay within budget.

That's one example the base population may notice, said Landreth.

Funds are available to respond to emergency work orders, defined as protection of life and property, said Scott Hastings, 78th Civil Engineer Squadron director.

What that translates to is preventive maintenance programs that were taking place will no longer happen. HVAC units that require routine filter or belt changes will not happen regularly.

However, if there are safety deficiencies, those will be corrected immediately. Routine work orders, such as for dripping faucets, toilet repairs, signage replacements, pot hole fixes or painting are just a few examples of maintenance actions that will be stopped.

Street sweeping will also be eliminated.

The 78th CEG will continue to provide safe drinking water for the base, since water that originates from on-site drinking wells are treated to ensure safety. Refuse, ground maintenance and custodial contracts will be maintained at current standards.

"Everyone is encouraged to maximize recycling as this returns revenue to the base while simultaneously reducing disposal costs," added Lex Stokes, 78th CEG Asset
Management director.

However, due to contracts awarded late in the fiscal year, centralized drop-off locations may be used for refuse.

Reimbursable customers will not be affected by potential changes