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Furlogh message from executive director

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- I wanted to give you all the latest information that I have regarding the furlough. As of right now, furlough notices should be issued between now and June 5th. In fact, I received my personal furlough letter today. The implementation of furlough days is to begin the week of July 8, and currently still stands at 11 days.

We will each have 7 days to respond to the proposed notices. Whether or not you choose to respond, you will receive a final decision notice outlining your appeal rights. Supervisors across the AFSC are being instructed on the process for delivering and acknowledging receipt of the proposals. With few exceptions, everyone will receive a notice but delivery may be on different days due to the logistics of printing and delivering so many of them.

I know this is a stressful time now that furloughs seem to have become a reality, especially for our teammates at Tinker and the surrounding communities in light of last week's devastating weather. One thing Lt Gen Litchfield and I have seen across all of our Sustainment Center organizations is your strong, resilient spirit through all of this. Keep focused on the mission, look out for each other, and help meet our warfighter's needs.

Keep up the great work!


Executive Director, AFSC